About Us

Since 1960 the Weinberg’s have been designing and manufacturing handmade exquisite jewelry.

Using only the finest Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds, they create magnificent artistic designs that women of all ages fall in love with. Lately the shipwreck coins have become popular, and the new store, Alex and Leah Jewelers boasts the largest collection of high end coins mounted in creative bezels. From silver to 22k gold, coins from the 1715 fleet,

Consolacion, Concepcion, Jupiter Wreck, and the largest collection of rare Atocha 8 reales, 4 reales, and the very rare 2 reales.

David is also a boat captain and 7 years ago while chartering in the southern Bahamas, he came across huge piles of plastic garbage which covered the secluded beaches for miles. The coral reefs were all dead, and he was swimming in a sea of plastic, bags, bottles, and Microplastics of all types.

That was the moment he decided to devote his life to ocean clean ups, and coral reef restorations!

He has been cleaning the oceans and beaches nearly every day since,

Working with the Bahamian government, also conducting educational programs in the schools.

“Teaching the kids today how important our eco system is, and the Bahamas and Florida Keys, coral reef systems, are so beautiful yet fragile”. 

Our children are already doing a much better Hobe caring for it marine environment than generations past.

Today David uses his profits from the jewelry and are sales to build coral growing laboratories, that can produce up to 10,000 baby corals per year. These corals will be replanted in the oceans to help stop the death of existing corals which has devastated coral reefs all over the world.

The corals that are being regrown are hardier and will hopefully thrive in a tougher environment that is evident today.

Please join David and his family to clean up the oceans, and replant the corals so we can all be fit from a healthy marine environment the world over.

Our Story

In 1960 Great Grandpa Josh started to repair jewelry at night after work. His expert craftsmanship caught the eye of several jewelers and they started asking for handmade pieces. Soon Joshua was busy enough hand making one of a kind pieces of jewelry, to quit his day job.

The rest is history…..

Jewelry by Joshua was formed and jewelers all across the USA  were buying his add a charm bracelets. 

Twenty years later Joshua’s middle son David joined the team, and has been working with his father until his retirement.

Today, David’s children Alex and Leah have joined the family business and are becoming experts in jewelry, gemstones, Rolex Watches, and Shipwreck coins.

Recently they have opened a new jewelry store/art gallery in North Palm Beach.